Championship Leadership with Nate Bailey

BIG impact starts with imperfect action, showing up in all areas of your life with intention. Every. Single. Day. I’m here to not just set the standard, but to BE the standard and inspire people to level up in each area of life and produce the results that truly matter.

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Nate Bailey –  Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author

What the big 4 will teach you:

FITNESS – Jennie Roberts

Your Fitness Revolution means you choose through daily commitment how you will treat your body. Challenging and serving your body means you are not only serving yourself, but you are serving your family. Championship Leadership podcast guest, Jennie Roberts shares that not everyone is willing to take a stand for themselves and the people they love, but good leaders do. Listen to learn why you need to commit to get fit.

FAITH – Travis Mash

Your Faith Revolution (how you show up in your spirituality or religion) is better defined through the wisdom of guest, Travis Mash of Elite Performance. A world champion powerlifter, he has assembled the top team in the Olympic sport of weightlifting. Travis talks about the true leaders and those who have failed him in his life. He references the faith-based learnings that have shaped him into the leader he is today. But his true shift on his own path as a leader came when he took the focus off of himself and put it on others. Having Faith means we believe in something bigger than ourselves; it gives our life a sense of purpose and drive that we would be void without.

FAMILY – Nate Bagley

You Family Revolution is spearheaded by an inspiring guest example. Nate Bagley doesn’t want the people in his life to feel “okay” with their relationships with him. He wants them to be excited and vice-versa. Your commitment to your loved ones begins and ends with the daily promises you make to yourself to love them to your best ability. When you do this, you not only live a pleasing and joyful life, everyone else in your circle will, too. Ask yourself: how do I create an amazing marriage? How do I become an amazing parent? How can I be there for the people I love more? Then listen to the Championship Leadership podcast and get the answers.

FINANCE – Ryan Stewman

Your Finance Revolution sparks into life with international sales trainer, and digital innovator, the Hardcore Closer himself, Ryan Stewman. Achieving financial freedom starts with the choice to work in your passion. Because this is where drive originates. When you spend your time doing what you love, like Ryan did, you can follow his example and build your own empire, even if your offering is only $100/month. As long as you leverage your services, you can reach your financial goals.

Here's a Sampling

Episode #6
Kenneth Travis & Sean Zalmanoff

Word On The Street

"Nate Bailey's Championship Leadership podcast is a phenomenal resource for those who are looking to become leaders in all areas of their lives. Nate continually brings in experts from a variety of fields and has a way of drawing out their stories, their wisdom, and the heart of what truly makes a Champion Leader."Joe WilliamsCreative Performance Group

"It’s not Nate Bailey’s resume that makes him a leader. It’s not his title, or his rank that make him a leader either. What makes Nate a true champion leader is that he takes decisive action to lead him towards his goals. He does what he says he will do. He sets an example... an example people want to follow. And by following his example you’ll be able to create the life you want just as he has done for himself."Nate Bagley

"Nate Bailey came blazing into my life with energy and purpose! His commitment to helping people and ensuring their results is inspiring. Some people are natural coaches and writers. He is one of them."Hilary JastramFounder/CEO. J. Hill Marketing

"Nate is an amazing Entrepreneur that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for years. He cares. He goes all in. And he’s determined to help his clients win. You’ll struggle hard to find a better person on this planet than Nate "Ryan Stewman

"Nate Bailey has a heart of a servant and the mind of a warrior. This rare combination is worthy of taking on a champion-level of leadership that is hard to come by these days. Everyone should tune in, because the Championship Leadership Podcast promotes the development of an unshakable life and mindset through a focus on four very simple pillars: Faith, Family, Finances, and Fitness."Shane GramlingFounder – Gramling Creative, Design+UX

Nate Bailey at TEDxHoracePark

Who Do I Have To Become? | |
Nate Bailey | TEDxHoracePark

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